OHFLYER Aviation Service Co., Ltd. is established at Shenzhen,China in March 16, 2017. It is a wholly owned subsidiary by OHFLYER Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive service provider which integrates aviation digital management, aviation asset maintenance and utilization, and customized aviation services.

With the advanced concepts, OHFLYER has created the management mode as a third party team with business jets management.

OHFLYER, its service covers a wide range of area such as business jet management, business jet travel, ground handling service, customized travel and diversified aviation service solution. With a perfect service system as the dominant, advanced digital platform as the carrier, and experienced professional team as the guarantee, OHFLYER is committed to become the world's aviation service and aviation asset management expert.

OHFLYER faces Chinese local business jet owners has launched an unique “closed loop purchase model”. OHFLYER provides professional and technical services covering the purchase, management, oversight, engineering support, spare supply and aircraft disposal, to ease the ownership of business jets.

Asset Management

Business jet oversight & technical service

Maintenance Support

Business jet engineering service

Digital Platform

Spare supporting & sharing

The OHFLYER team, aiming at the current status of the business jet management in China, has created a unique third party management model of the business jet.

Relying on the expertise of the management company, we provide a full set of professional aviation asset maintenance services to the business jet owners as an independent third party.

The purchase, introduction, trusteeship and asset disposal of the business jet shall be subjected to comprehensive supervision and auditing.

Through this service, we can provide good guarantee for the business jet owner from the aspects of safety, security and economy.

Sharing rich resources of business jet parts
OHFLYER determines to build "accurate, vast and timely" database of business jet parts

Innovative concept of business jet part management
OHFLYER raises the innovative concept of "planning type parts database", and creates a digital sharing platform

In order to establish parts supporting and sharing database base on different type ratings, the introduction of the source from the aircraft delivery to the digital integration of parts reserves, effectively solve the parts shortage caused by the AOG emergency situations, reduce the expenses and time cost, and offer the strong support of daily operation with operator and utilization with owner.

Buying aircraft is a complex process, requiring deep understanding of the technical aspects and experience with strong professional support. Faced with a highly expensive machine consisting of systems and many parts, buyers are often at a loss. Under such circumstances, ensuring that the selected aircraft is indeed reliable, Performing according to its specifications and with complete and accurate documentation is not an easy task.

OHFLYER as an aviation asset management expert with strong technical experience, launched the business jet pre-buy inspection service to assist aircraft owners. OHFLYER assigns professional engineers with years of experience conduct on-site inspections of interested aircraft on behalf of the buyers as an independent third party team. Based on the aircraft data and actual situation, OHFLYER issues the pre-buy report to the buyer after the audit and inspection, helping the buyer to make a guided judgment in the process.

The professional technical team has always been and continue to be the foundation of OHFLYER.

Currently with 8 full-time engineers with FAA/CAAC maintenance license, and 10 part-time engineers.

More than 15 years of experience professional engineers, ability to cover all the major types of business jet, working experience covers various line maintenance, base maintenance, engineering support, production planning and control, logistics supply, quality and safety management and cost accounting of maintenance work, to meet the various stringent needs of customer, to provide the most professional quality services.

Audits and inspections are in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM)specifications complying with FAA and CAAC airworthiness rules and regulations.

If the spare, tooling and equipment are changed, the change list shall be submitted in the current monthly report;

In the oversight process, if found that it may affect the operation or safety of aircraft include incidents and hidden dangers, OHFLYER will immediately submit the relevant reports;

Other inquiries or requests from customers during operation.